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Hello and Welcome to our Site.  We’re glad you stopped by because we would like to share our story with you.


After very successful careers in the travel industry, we researched – and tested – different Internet based businesses.  You see, our motivation to do this was two-fold.  First of all, we understand the power of the Internet and the impact it’s having on business today.  We know that the Internet offers us ‘little guys’ the opportunity to compete with the ‘big guys’ and make significant income.  It also means we don’t need a brick & mortar location to be successful.  The other reason is that we want to make a difference while making a living.


It was important for us to associate ourselves with a strong company offering a product or service that we believed in and that could help a large number of people.  Enter LegalShield, a company that has been successfully offering legal plans and Identity Theft protection for 40 years!   Having a company we can call on to access high-quality legal assistance for a small fee has proven to be invaluable.  Identity theft has become a major problem in America with millions of people affected each year and we have been able to help victims of this kind of theft.


Not only does Legal Shield provide a service that everyone needs, it allows us to help others become a part of a company that is changing the legal industry and at the same time providing a way for people to gain financial freedom.  As an associate with LegalShield you don’t have to practice law or have any legal experience to have success. The beauty of our model is that we have all the systems, support and training you need to succeed … and the vast majority do so on a part-time basis.


After a thorough review of the company and services, it was clear to us that this was what we had been looking for, and we have enjoyed a successful career with the company for over 15 years.


If you’re looking for a simple, rewarding way to make money – Call, email or Skype us and we’ll welcome you to our team of enthusiastic, high energy success seekers.  We all work together to lift each other up and make a difference in each other’s lives.


Bill & Priscilla Parke

Phone:  407-221-6226

Email:  [email protected] 

Skype:  b.parke

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